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Marquee Hire London ensuring you get quality marquees in London

With the numerous functions and occurrences that are carried out, through out London it is worth thinking about how you are going to have room for that quantity of people. Marquee hire London is a brilliant way of giving you an area where you might not normally have it housing a decent quantity of individuals.

I have hired marquees on many occasions and have at all times got quotes ahead of choosing the marquee hire company I got in for the particular task in hand, I prefer to work with marquee hire guide to provide me with lots of estimates from marquee hire London companies at the same time, I just pick the best quote from all the marquee hire companies in London.

Marriages are always a hectic time, the organisation and ensuring that the various family members get on, it has always driven me crazy, I have used wedding organisers for the families past two ceremonies and they have run much better, the last wedding I went to the wedding organiser had hired a marquee from a marquee hire London company, it was extremely large and accommodated all the guests nicely.

Business get togethers are often big numbers of people that require extra space and one brilliant way of getting the extra space you require is to hire marquees, marquee hire London enables you to look for a number of marquee hire estimates at once all from one main website, so you fill out a single form and the marquee hire companies covering London and the surrounding area send you quotes you just have to choose the best one.

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Swimwear Over The Ages



Swimwear is the term used for garments designated for swimming and beach wear. It has gradually evolved over the years from the bulky garments used to completely cover the body into the selection of brief pieces of fabric arranged to expose as much as possible of the body.

Finding the right sort of swimwear is not always that easy particularly if you do not have a large budget. There is an enormous variety of body sizes and shapes for both men and women and correspondingly there are an enormous variety of outfits ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive.

Fashion Dictates

If it was just a case of having a bathing costume to wear when going swimming and replacing it when it had worn out, life would be relatively easy. But there is the matter of fashion. Every year the designers come up with a different style so that the previous year’s model suddenly looks old fashioned and we feel compelled to buy a new one. As purchasers we are confronted with one piece swimsuits, two piece swimwear, some with long tops, some with skimpy tops, high leg cut, high waist cut, different cup sizes, in a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns, two tone and so on. The choice is endless.

History of Swimwear

The earliest recorded bathing costume was in 350 BC in Greece which was a toga-like garment for bathing. During the 18th century people visited spa resorts for their health where they spent time in the spa waters. Naturally they needed something suitable to wear, other than their day clothes, when they were engaged in public bathing. Later the recreation of beach bathing demanded a specially made outfit to maintain decorum and decency, so the bathing suit was developed.

Initially the swimwear was rather like ordinary daywear, and the dresses worn by the women sometimes had lead weights sewn into the hems to prevent the skirts from floating up. As the expansion of the railways enabled the masses to spend time at the seaside a more practical type of outfit was required. By the early 1900’s the swimsuit consisted of bloomers with black stocking and shoes, and the top was like a jacket belted at the waist. Swimming was considered suitable for men, while women were assisted into the water for a short dip.

Over the century attitudes changed and swimming became an Olympic sport for both men and women. Gradually the swimming costume changed to adopt short capped sleeves and more ankle was exposed beneath the bloomers. As women became more active in the water the swimming costume needed to be less cumbersome so the neckline was lowered and the tops became sleeveless. Eventually the Princess cut was introduced which consisted of the trousers attached to a blouse in one piece.

In 1909 Annette Kellerman, the Australian swimmer, film star and author, got arrested for indecency when she wore what is thought to be the first one piece swimwear item ever seen, by 1910 “Annette Kellermans” became the new accepted ladies swimwear.

From then on the swimsuits became lighter and briefer. By the 1920’s the women wore figure hugging tank suits made from wool Jersey and by 1928 they had evolved into the swimsuit we would recognise today. In the 1930’s cotton was introduced for bathing suits sometimes with little overskirts to disguise bulky thighs, but film stars wore fashionable figure hugging costumes with higher cut legs sealing the fate of the fashionable swimwear.

The corset manufacturers in the 1940’s saw that women with less than perfect figures needed swimsuits to hide or control the bulges, so seeing a gap in the market they produced costumes which had control panels for the tummy and bra cups and bones to give support to the bust. Using the methods applied in corset making they introduced the stretch factor to bathing costumes so that they were more flattering than ever before.

With the development of modern fabrics, Nylon and Lycra became the fabric of choice for swimwear because of their stretch properties. This meant that the costume could be pulled on without openings or fastenings and gave a firmer cleaner line to the figure. Women continued to wear all in one swimsuits until the 1950’s when the bikini became popular.

Leisure Swimming or Sunbathing

Although certain items are called swimwear, in fact some never get near the water. They are solely for sunbathing which usually means they are as small as possible, just barely covering the essential bits so that the skin gets maximum exposure to the sun and such a design would be classed as a bikini.

Two Piece or Bikinis

Over two thousand years ago early mosaics and pottery from Greece portray what in fact looks like an early version of a bikini. These garments were used by women performers and acrobats and were in two pieces to cover the breasts and the lower part of the body, much like the current style of Bandeau tops. Modern day runners and athletes wear something very similar when competing. Paula Radcliffe when running the Marathon last year, wore a garment almost identical to those worn thousands of years ago!!

The bikini resembles women’s underwear and has been described as a scanty two piece bathing suit. The lower part may be two small triangles attached together with a string tie at either side, or even a thong. The upper part may also be two small triangles attached together with a string tie but arranged in a slightly different order. Louis Reard patented the new version of the bikini in 1946; his design was similar to the skimpy string 1970’s bikini and it shocked the world when it appeared on French beaches in 1947.

The very first bikini shown in the cinema was in the Bond film Dr No when Ursula Andress rises out of the sea in a white bikini. This created the iconic Bond girl and made her world famous. When being interviewed on television recently she revealed that the bikini had been constructed out of a bra covered with the fabric to give her the required lift of the bosom. This actual bikini sold at auction for £35,000 in 2001.

The fashion for getting a good tan peaked in the 80’s and 90’s resulting in bikinis becoming smaller and smaller.

Ultimately the top part of the bikini was abandoned altogether when topless sunbathing became the norm in some countries and the bottom was just a G-string or thong also called a Tanga. Oliver Saillard the fashion journalist states that the bikini is the most popular female beachwear in the world, and that the emancipation of swimwear is linked to the emancipation of women.

In the 1950’s there was a popular song entitled ‘In My little Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ that indicated the acceptance of the new style of swimwear. I remember my cousin persuading me to try on a bikini and I felt very exposed but she said how fantastic I looked in it because I was so slim.

Although the bikini is now an acceptable garment whatever the size, the one piece swimsuit is still the best for serious swimmers. Some businesses are well known for their skill at making swimwear and make all the garments for the Olympic team and other swimming competitions. Now swimwear is available in a wide range of bust sizes and the more expensive makes have control panels for the stomach combined with clever styling to create a good silhouette. Combined with a matching sarong, older ladies may feel more comfortable when walking around the beach area.

Helen Mirren was photographed on holiday in her substantial bikini last summer with the caption commenting on how good she looked for her age and that particular bikini was snapped up from the stores within days. Perhaps the buyers believed that they could look as good as Helen Mirren in a bikini if they had the same one.

Leg Line

Some two piece bathing suits are cut so that the waist is high and the related leg line is also cut high. I believe the aim is to make the wearer look as though her legs are much longer than they are. However if you have less than the perfect shape for this style it can emphasise large hips so it’s not for all women.

Another fashion mode is the tankini where the bottoms look like little shorts and shows the lower curve of the bottom, which is fine if you are young with a nice pert bottom.

Swimwear tankinis comprise a long top which stops just short of the bottoms, allowing a small section of midriff to show.

The classic bikini style is still as popular as ever though, with the cut of the leg line following the natural crease between the leg and the hip.

The most recent development in fabric is the ‘tan through’ swimwear. This allows the body to tan without exposing the body to the world. Some commentators on this style point to the effects of too much sun on the body and the incidences of skin cancer of which the evidence indicates an alarming increase. However, the counter argument to that is if you are wearing a bikini anyway then the extra exposure to the sun through the top and bottom garments is hardly going to make much difference.


Swimwear is a term used these days to cover all types of beach wear and swimming gear. It is a bit of a misnomer in that many outfits never see the water and are not used for swimming. However there is a huge range of garments available for the purchaser of different styles, sizes and fabrics. The one commonality of course is that everyone wants to look good once they don these garments. The main key to that is to make sure your new swimwear is the right fit and cut, for your body size and shape.

The importance of being properly measured for your swimwear is often overlooked but it is as important as being properly measured for your bra or other underwear, particularly if you do indeed intend to actually swim in your new swimwear! By wearing the right size and style swimwear for your body, will ensure you are really comfortable in it on the beach, in the pool or wherever else you choose to wear it.


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Top 3 Tips on Finding Used Cameras for Sale

Have you been wondering how to find used cameras for sale? Many individuals who have an interest in photography and even buying and reselling photography equipment enjoy keeping their eye out for a great deal. If you have an interest in purchasing used cameras, you will benefit from the top 3 tips listed here:

1. One of the best tips when it comes to finding used cameras involves implementing the use of auction websites on the internet. The most popular, by far, is the website referred to as “eBay”. It is important to avoid purchasing cameras and similar types of equipment on these types of websites unless you have seen a picture of the equipment and know and understand what you are purchasing. Do not be afraid to ask questions. A legitimate seller will be more than happy to answer them.

2. If you are interested in buying used cameras, another great place to look are the classifieds in the newspaper. You may evaluate the newspaper from your community as well as neighboring communities. These advertisements will not generally have a picture of the equipment, but rather very minimal information. You should contact the seller and arrange an appointment to view the equipment prior to committing to purchase.

3. The next place that may prove to be beneficial when it comes to locating used cameras that can be used for your hobby or resold for a profit are local pawn shops. If you plan on checking out equipment located in this type of store, be certain that you know and understand what you are looking for as many clerks in these stores will not hold a lot of expertise in this area.

There are many ways to locate used cameras for sale. Here, you have received the top 3 tips on certain venues that you may be able to locate a great deal.

The author of this article runs, which also offers products and information about plasma tv deals and toshiba plasma tv.

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Enjoy a Slim, Affluent, Entertaining Life

DISCLAIMER: This post is based on info widely available publicly online and medical journals that deal with losing weight and/or colons and/or skincare and/or whitening teeth. Nothing herein is intended to be or should be interpreted to be any sort of doctor’s advice. For medical advice the reader should consult with his or her physician or other medical specialist.

Not only was Acai Slim  the best offer I could find, and a good way to jump start my attempts to lose weight, but it was chock full of the nutrients my body needs to remedy vascular impairment grow healthy tissues, and nullify free radicals and other cancer and disfunction causing cells inside the body.  It was a long search and a took a lot of delving to finally settle on Acai Burn berry 500 weight loss reviews, but the consequences are worth every penny.

Don’t know what a spread bet is?  Have no idea when to bet an over/under, a spread, a straight up, or a head to head?  Don’t headache about it.  I didn’t get the perfect job out of college, but thanks to this program, I have the income I’ve always wanted, ironically through the thing I was most active in during college, using the sports lines betting system vegas nightmare.

It pays to use GameFly.  Get games and play that at your friends house.  Get an Xbox game today and a Wii game tomorrow.  Buy the all new PS3 Slim and don’t trouble about having to pick the right games to maximize your merriment.  With the two game plan you can constantly have the game you want and your brother, sister, friend, relative, and brothers friend who want a piece of your gamefly PS3 Slim action mail.

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How to Buy a Home if You Have Bad Credit

There are lots of reasons today that many people find themselves in a situation in which their credit has suffered.  And this has forced many people to end up renting a home, thinking that they cannot buy a home.

If you find yourself in this situation, let me show you how you can buy your own home, fix your credit and stop wasting your money on rent.  Most buyers have never heard of rent to own homes.  This is often the best way for many to buy a home and build equity.  Let me show you how it works.

The best way to get started is to contact a company that specializes in the rent to own process.  These companies are usually not realtors.  But they often either have a list of available homes or can even take your wishes and go find a home for you. Look for companies that will work with you to get qualified for a mortgage by helping you improve your credit score. Don’t work with someone who just wants to take your money without assisting you in actually buying the home.

Once you have found a company you feel comfortable with and have found a home that you like, you first pay a nonrefundable option fee that will be applied to the final purchase price of the home. You then rent the home for a year or two, while you work with your rent-to-own company to improve your credit and get approved for a mortgage to buy the home. 

Just note that it is important to work with a rent-to-own company has relationships with a large number of banks and mortgage companie so you have the best programs and more options available to you.

As soon as you get your mortgage approval while working with your rent-own-company you can, you can then buy the home at the previously agreed upon price.  You now own your home, you have improved your credit and have had help getting there.  And you got to move a lot sooner.

As you can see, a rent-to-own arrangement is perfect for people with less than perfect credit who want to stop throwing their money away month after month by renting an apartment or house, and start building equity by purchasing a home of their own.

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Hotels in Whistler BC

There is no doubt that Whistler British Columbia is one of the most popular vacation destinations in North America for those who love the mountain life. Whistler has dozens of inns and hotels which accommodate tourists, mountain bikers and skiers. The price and quality of the hotels in Whistler range from economical to luxurious five star hotels. Most any tourist or traveler will be pleased with the hotels in Whistler.

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Lodge and the Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa are the most luxurious of the hotels in Whistler which enjoy a prime location beside the ski lifts. Other Whistler hotels, such as the Summit Lodge, are situated on the outskirts of Whistler Village. These Whistler hotels offer visitors stunning views over surrounding mountains. From some such Whistler hotels, visitors can enjoy watching the ski slopes long after they have concluded their day of skiing. Hotels in Whistler Village proper, such as the Whistler Village Inn and Suites, provide visitors with easy access to local restaurants and shops for those people who wish to become familiar the village itself. Whistler also has conference facilities which can be accessed easily from most central Whistler hotels.

As Whistler is preparing to host part of the 2010 Vancouver Whistler Winter Olympic Games, many hotels in Whistler are undergoing upgrades. The Athletes Village will provide housing for approximately twenty five hundred competitors and officials. The hotels in Whistler expect to accommodate thousands of visitors. Some hotels Whistler are already accepting reservations years in advance from those who wish to secure their accommodations now. Most hotels in Whistler can be booked online. You can easily find many travel websites which you can search to find the best deals on Whistler hotels.

Hotels in Whistler BC are at their busiest during the ski season.  If you visit Whistler during the off season, it’s possible to get room rates as much as seventy percent off regular hotel rates. Cash conscious tourists find that these discounts make Whistler a very desirable destination. Visitors staying in Whistler will enjoy easy access to some of the most beautiful mountain biking and hiking trails. Hotels in Whistler provide an excellent home base for vacationers who plan to explore this pristine region of British Columbia. Finding the right hotel in advance will pay big dividends on a vacation you will remember with fond memories.

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Picking the Perfect Small Business Hosting Company

business web hosting services have special servers to run your business websites, usually they cost bit more than personal web site servers, but now you can find cheap business web hosting easily through research on internet. The cost of small business hosting depends upon the factors like the traffic on your website, the storage capacity you will need for the data on your website. Small business web host providers can cost you anywhere from nothing to several hundreds of dollars of month. At the lower end of the pole, there are some service providers that offer personal or small business web hosting services for free, while there are services that can charge up to $100.00 or more per month. Small Business web hosting offers a great experience.

business web hosting has become big business. Why not turn to the folks who specialize in promoting small businesses, whose entire goal is on helping you succeed online?Support is an extremely important part of any host. They should have multiple ways to contact them including ticket system, live chat, and phone. Support is available through a knowledgebase as well as by telephone and e-mail. Quick and responsive service is a hallmark of support.

Choosing your host is one of the greatest decisions that you and your business can make. When you choose a good one you will have no worries when it comes to providing your customers with what they need and keep your life hassle free. Choosing a site to host your business website is a large decision. Make the right one.

Search them out on the World Wide Web; see what other small business are saying about them. Often people will discuss their experiences and opinions of companies online. Search for a provider based on the services you will use. Your web site is one of the most important representations of your small business, so you need it to look good, function properly and always be there for your customers.


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Get Rid of Pests with Pest Repellent Products at

Are you invaded by animal pests in your property area? Insects and animals can be colossal annoyances. Insects & animals will always invade human properties due to the fact that we all share this planet. During the warmer months, insects & animals are beckoned to human properties as humans spend time outdoors, most often inviting unwanted pest guests with scents of a variety of food, like sodas and yummy burgers. You might be being harassed by ants at your weekend picnics, or by skunks who invade your garbage cans at night. You might have squirrels or rats taking over your attic or snakes in your basement. Crow or pigeons could be be damaging your roof and termites may be consuming the wood in your house at a high rate. Not only can pests be noisy & annoying, they can also be biting & aggressive, and costly to you & your property.

When that time has come to remove unwanted pests from your property, you have several options. I am a nature lover, so I believe that we should avoid killing animals whenever possible. However, there are some times in which exterminating is needed. For most times that an animal has become a pest, pest repellent serves as the safest and most effective solution to ridding your property of this pest or group of pests.

Pest deterrent will help deter animals of all kinds from entering your property. Pest repellent will also prevent your beloved pets from going to areas where you don’t want them to go, like your leather sofa, your trashcans, or your garden.

Ants may be the most common household pests that exist today. Ants travel in groups, so the sight of one ant most likely means the presence of hundreds more that you may or may not see. These pesky insects seem to be able to get into every crack and crevice. Of course, ants have been on the planet for millions of years, so they aren’t going away anytime soon. However, we humans have many ways of getting rid of ants that have invaded or homes and our other personal spaces. Getting rid of bats is far easier with the pest deterrent for sale at and the bat repellent.

Mice are the second most common household pests. You won’t need to worry about emptying mouse traps if you buy mouse repellent. Since mice might carry diseases, it isn’t pleasant to find out that they are in your house. Now there is a way to make sure they never enter your property, garage or even your toolshed. Checking and emptying mousetraps can also be a thing of the past when you use mice repellent. There are a number of products on the market that may be right for you & your family. Whichever product you use, you need to make sure that it’s safe for your family and also other pets. There exist granule products that use taste and smell to repel mice from your home. When mice taste the product, they will hate it and it will make them avoid entering that space. Another thing that makes these granule products work is that they are designed to smell like the mouse’s predators. A mouse won’t stay around for much long after it smells that a fox is in the area. The D Con Mouse Trap is a very effective for catching mice. Mice control is definitely possible with the fine animal and insect deterrent products for sale at

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How To Avoid Untreated Yeast Infections

The symptoms of untreated yeast infections can leave you feeling a little ill. The symptoms of a yeast infection will vary from intensity, but may include pain or discomfort when urinating, uncomfortable sexual intercourse, and discharge that looks milky.

Untreated yeast infections can quickly get worse, and there really is no need for this. It is simple to relieve the symptoms of a yeast infection, and being aware of the initial symptoms can help head off more severe problems.

Yeast is a natural part of the body, but when too much builds up it causes an infection. Most women either avoid yeast infections through diet or yeast medication, but for untreated yeast infections, the problems can get worse.

The worst problem associated with untreated yeast infections is sepsis. The bacteria that builds up is released into the bloodstream, causing a potentially deadly problem.

Other problems that can happen from untreated yeast infections are vulvovaginal candidiasis.

If you have experienced yeast infections, you are among 50% of the American women who have. Don’t get frustrated – just remember that it is best to start treatment right away. You will be able to get relief from the symptoms quickly.

Don’t leave untreated yeast infections to heal on their own – be proactive. If you have yeast infections more than three times a year, speak to your doctor about ways to change your diet and lifestyle to relieve yeast infections.

Untreated yeast infections will eventually lead to itching, burning and painful rash, as well as discharge and other unexplained symptoms. Finding ways to prevent your infections is the best way to keep them from developing into a medical problem.

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5 Tips to Assist You in Handling Credit Card Debt

Do you tend to be late when paying your credit card debt? Is your pile of notices from creditors getting higher and higher? Do you fear you might lose your properties for the reason that you can’t pay off your credit card debts?

Being in deep credit card debt is not a thing that can be effortlessly brushed off or treated lightly. Anyone who’s been in this circumstance knows how terrible it feels. However, if you ever find yourself in deep credit card debt, there are things you can do to make your financial situation better than it already is.

Tip #1: Budget right away.

Do not wait until you lose your house. Create a budget, or redo your budget, as soon as you find yourself in trouble.  How much is your income? Is it enough to cover your expenses? Assess your situation and know which expenditures are vital and which aren’t. Do you really need to dine out three times a week?  Do you justly need to have all the bells and whistles that are part of your current cell phone plan? Do you need to shop for clothes every week? Your spending budget needs to cover all your basic necessities: food, housing, clothes, basic utilities and health-related costs.

Tip #2: Don’t leave your creditors in the dark.

Many deal with their creditors by steering clear of them or running away from them. Dealing with creditors this way only leads to larger and more serious problems. If you find yourself having a hard time paying off your debts in a timely manner, the best way to take care of it is to contact your creditors quickly. Disclose to them your reasons for not being able to pay your debts and see if they can come up with a revised payment plan. It’s important that you let your creditors know that, even though you are in debt, you are wanting to pay it off. Do not let them get to a point where they pass your situation to a debt collection agency. You could think about consumer debt solution as well.

Tip #3: Handle debt collectors.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law clearly stating that debt collectors cannot bug you, give inaccurate assertions or do anything that is not fair when they are attmepting to collect money from you. Read and understand this federal fact so you can suitably confront debt collectors.

Tip #4: Consider credit counseling.

There are organizations and institutions that offer credit counseling and debt management service for those who need help with their financial troubles. A good credit counseling organization can helpassist you to devise an improved payment arrangement for your credit card debts. You can present this plan to your creditors for their authorization.

Tip #5: File for bankruptcy.

Filing for personal bankruptcy is a last resort to fixing — and the legal way of addressing — your debt. However, remember that if you  file for bankruptcy, it will stay on your financial information report for years . Therefore, you may find it difficult to obtain new credit, buy a house or even obtain employment with a bankruptcy on your credit report.

You can also consider a debt elimination service as an option, simply be sure you do research on the company or service you choose to go with.

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