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8 Ways to Sing Better Now (part 1 of 2) – Singing Tips Blog

Hi! Today I’m going to take the time to share some singing tips that will help each of you Sing Better Now. Some of these tips are detailed and some of them are more basic, but I encourage you to try out each of them as I find they are often beneficial to both beginner and advanced students alike.

Tip 1 – Open your mouth when you’re singing!

Singers who keep their mouths mostly closed are likely tense in the back of the tongue and are far from achieving their maximum tone quality. I like the two finger rule. If you can fit two fingers between your front teeth while singing (esp on an “ah” or “oh” vowel), then you’re good. If not, open your mouth more.

Tip 2 – Sing with a Relaxed Tongue.

After years of giving voice lessons I’m convinced that 65% – 85% of all vocal problems have to do with tension in the tongue. Worst part is most people aren’t even aware of it. Look in a mirror while singing. If the tip of your tongue isn’t dominantly resting on your bottom front teeth, then you’ve got problems. Relaxing the tongue more forward in the mouth will help.

Tip 3 – When breathing before singing, don’t take in too much air.

If you breathe in too much air before singing, then you create pressure under the folds that can easily hinder your ability to sing freely. It can prevent you from being able to sing overly high or low notes and almost always causes unwanted tension in your neck and throat area. To fix this, become aware of just how little effort is involved while breathing regularly, then try to mimic that sensation when you’re about to sing.

Tip 4 – Keep the larynx steady while singing.

If you don’t know where your larynx is, it’s where you adam’s apple is (or where it would be ladies). If this area of your neck it raising and lowering while singing, then you’re throwing off your whole vocal mechanism leading to numerous different complications. To become aware of this so that you can correct it, rest your hand on your larynx while singing and make sure that it remains steady.

You have now read the first part of the article 8 Ways to Sing Better Now. For the rest of these tips and more articles like it, visit Singing Tips Blog. You can also click here to find out more about private Singing Lessons in Memphis.

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MSM Negative Effects And The Key Reason Why

MSM is considered to be safe to use and contains the least toxic substances in biological lingo. Researchers found that its toxicity levels are very similar to those of water. Almost nothing is known of its side effects during longer periods of usage. However, every individual can have different results upon taking MSM. There have been a few cases whereby minor side effects have been possibly caused as a result of MSM. Some of these reported side effects normally occur at the very start of taking the supplements, or if too high a dose is taken, but the effects dissipated soon after. The effects may include diarrhea, nausea, bad odor or headaches.

Additional effects that were noted include mild diarrhea, as well as some minor gastrointestinal distress. These could also consist of stomach upset or cramping. The key reason why diarrhea might happen, might not be so much from any type of bad MSM side effects, but may very well be as a positive part of the method in which MSM works. The reason being MSM has been documented as having detoxifying benefits, which may actually account for any mild the signs of diarrhea. The method that MSM works in detoxification is by dissolving many organic and inorganic compounds that are contained in the intestinal mucosa. MSN will react with certain toxins, which will affect inactivation and speed up excretion. This benefit whereby cells are able to increase their power to excrete toxic waste, and the ability to increase the rate of intestinal excretion, could lead to the symptoms of minor diarrhea.

There are side effects that will occur in individuals who suffer from allergies. Because there are many different ingredients in MSM supplements, it is possible that a particular manufacturer will include an ingredient that can cause an allergy in certain individuals. It is also very important to be aware of the various kinds of synthetic MSM’s, as they can vary quite considerably. Depending on the manufacturer and reputation of the brand, you will find inferior MSM supplements in the market. This type of products will sometimes contain high levels of lead or mercury and other heavy metals. Over time, these will build up within the body’s system and can result in toxic effects. In order to prevent these kinds of side effects, you should look towards MSM supplements that have been manufactured through distillation. Supplements that have been manufactured utilizing crystallization are more likely to contain certain toxic elements, which may have uncomfortable side effects on your health. The amount of reports on MSM negative effects are really small when comparing the benefits that it offers. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done on the long-term effects of MSM. Nevertheless, the majority of the indications which have been found showed it is extremely safe to use MSM supplements if they’re manufactured appropriately.


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How to find running shoes

Running footwear are the most essential portion of equipment you can get if you are a athlete. Making the appropriate option permits you to achieve your highest potential. Acquiring the Supra Shoes most out of your purchase and selecting the greatest shoes for your feet, fit, and perform. Athletes should not make the mistake of working with cross trainers, tennis shoes or various other sports activities footwear. The correct jogging sneakers shields feet from the worries of running. A one-mile leisurely run can put 100 tons of pressure on a foot. All that strength has to be distributed somewhere. Excellent trainers take in much of that vitality. Bad footwear make your body absorb that vigor.

There is certainly an overwhelming option out there. Choosing the best can be quite a daunting task for both seasoned and beginning runners. A common mistake amongst seasoned runners is to confuse sole wear with shoe wear. And for the newbie don’t forget: the way the shoe looks has nothing to do with the suit, so whatever you do, usually do not select a shoe simply because it seems fine. The incorrect type, and a undesirable match might cause several issues, the worst being making you much more prone to overuse injury.

Therefore, what should you do to ensure you choose the best sneaker, due to the fact Supra Footwear be reassured there could be numerous sneakers that is useful for your feet and your running demands. Finding the right running shoes can be tough, but following a couple simple measures will make the procedure simpler.

Look at Your requirements! If you are going to be making use of your trainers for running, it is actually absolutely crucial that you obtain a set of footwear designed precisely for this function. Running sneakers Supra Skytop are designed designed for running and the distinctive requires of sports people.

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Tahitian Noni products have got iridoids that will really make a difference

Tahitian Noni® Pure is a concentrated bioactive beverage that is intended to be combined with juices of your liking. It consists of noni and leaf iridoids, and extra nutrients that will support the heart, joints, immune system. Tahitian Noni® Pure

Food plants offer nutrients which are ideal for the body and are important to sustain life. Which usually is why all of us eat them! Medicinal plants supply bioactives to improve health. Which also the reason we eat them. The noni fruit was utilized for years and years by the Tahitians as a medicinal plant. Noni fruit was used to help with and promote health of the native islanders of Tahiti.

The bioactive compounds in Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages retain 100% of their marked effectiveness for a minimum of two years inside an unopened bottle. And bioactives maintain their many benefits even after pasteurization.

*As shown at the bottom of all web site pages on the subject of Noni and Iridoids these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and none of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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The Differece Between Domain And Web Hosting

Domain names and web hosting are two separate things. A lot of people typically mix these two terms together because they think that they both mean the same thing when in fact they’re not. A domain name is the unique name that identifies an Internet site. Every Web site you’ve ever been to, and every e-mail you’ve ever composed, has used a domain name in its address.

Web hosting means space to store your files on the Internet. Web hosting is typically also known as web servers. With web hosting it’s like you have the “storage” for your files and anyone can access it from anywhere in the world at any time as long as they’re connected to the Internet. Metaphorically speaking, web hosting service is like renting an apartment.

For your web business to thrive, you must depend on a reliable and tested web hosting provider. It used to be that a business had to be big to get a Website. Today, this is not true anymore. Even a person with a small business such as those teaching people how to make money on the internet can set up his own website. You will also notice that web site hosting is now available at a reasonable cost.

Based on your own research, or on the recommendation of someone with good technical evaluation skills, you should choose a good linux web site hosting provider for your minisite graphics site, then have someone develop the content for that site. The most important thing is that your site should give your business a good boost.

There are so many web hosting providers to choose from that you can get overwhelmed with all the choices. Regular Web hosting is fine for a personal website; but to build a business, you need more. Many web hosting plans are scaled to meet your budget, whether your site is for e-commerce small business, Windows hosting, cold fusion development, special interest site like your Internet marketing Indonesia site or blog.

A web hosting and email package combined with your domain name is everything you need to establish your online presence. Companies that specialize in providing web hosting services can do a much better job of providing the hardware, but usually don’t develop the content for the site.

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Get Fit And Lose Fat With A Wii

My next door neighbour, Clare, is what you would call a ‘big’ girl. She loves her fast food, chocolates, biscuits, crisps ….in fact just about anything that adds the pounds and kilos to her weight. And to make matters worse, she hardly ever walks anywhere but prefers to drive instead.

So it’s not surprising that about 3 months ago, she felt that her weight was getting out of control and she needed to do something about it.

Did she take up jogging? Or go down to our local gym? Nope – she decided to buy a Wii console!

She claimed that because the Wii had some new-fangled controls that didn’t just involve pressing buttons like other games consoles, but that actually required you to put in some effort to play games, then she’d lose weight.

Needless to say, her husband and I were not convinced and thought that this was just another one of Clare’s mad ideas (that she does have a reputation for coming out with!).

With her Wii console, she also got something called a Wii Fit that looked like one of those step blocks used in gyms for step aerobics. Clare said that this connected to the Wii console and came with a Keep Fit game that had her doing various exercises every day.

The software also kept a record of her weight, body-mass index and improvements in her performance of doing the exercise schedules.

Clare stuck to her new “exercise regime” and I would often pop round for a chat in the afternoon and find her red-faced and breathless from having just completed on of her sessions.

And the result?

Well, in the past month, she’s lost an impressive 14lbs (6.4 kilos for those of you who’ve gone metric) and it’s very noticeable. We are all impressed (even though she does keep saying “I told you so”). You can find the Wii Fit for sale on eBay at bargain prices. I’m definitely going to get one to get fitter and in shape.

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Making Unique Round Outdoor Rugs

Although it can still be very nice and many people still opt for that, having a colorful outdoor rug is something else. So it’s only logical that you have some kind of rug or carpet to provide insulation from the cold floor. Many times round outdoor rugs are considered to be the same. Oval braided rugs were often found on the outdoor patios of our grandparents.

There are many more activities kids can do outside on an outdoor rug. This is where research comes in, you need to research not only the materials but also the brand of the product. Round outdoor rugs are a little difficult to find as the more widely purchased rectangle shapes dominate the internet whether you search by phrase or image. Sometimes large outdoor rugs can be confused with different types of rugs from time to time. Chances are an indoor outdoor rug will withstand indoor foot traffic.

You would never believe that these rugs were made for the outdoors and are also waterproof. Obviously round outdoor rugs are always very desirable. Don’t worry if your little one spills a bottle of paint while he was painting a portrait or spills the juice from the sippy cup. Having one of these rugs in your yard is very pleasing to the eyes and makes outdoor activities fun for everyone.

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Increasing desirability with elegant Rolex and Cartier watches

When it comes to choosing jewellery for oneself or for a loved one, it is true that we want the best we can get. When choosing a classic and expensive watch, this applies perhaps even more so. A watch is a piece of beautiful jewellery that can last a lifetime, especially when purchased from a leading retailer and watch specialist, such as Rolex or Cartier. Such names are associated the world over with quality and elegant style. For women, wearing a Cartier watch is as much a fashion statement as an instrument for telling the time. The watch a woman wears can speak volumes of the type of woman she is and her tastes. This to applies for any man – the watch he wears can tell a lot about the man he is. For a man, wearing a Rolex watch makes him feel and look powerful, polished and desirable.

Wearing such breath-taking jewellery though can be expensive, but it is possible to buy used Rolex watches and buy used Cartier watches! If one was to buy a used Rolex watch or to buy a used Cartier watch, no one would have to realise that this was the case. It would still be possible to wear a timeless and perfect piece of jewellery for a fraction of the price! Second hand Rolex watches and second hand Cartier watches are easy to find and can frequently look as good as new. Sometimes it is possible to find watches that are practically new on the second hand market. In a time where everyone is suffering economic hardships, investing in a statement piece of jewellery at a fraction of the price is an opportunity that cannot afford to be missed!

Some people may find that they have in their possession a Rolex watch or a Cartier watch that is no longer wanted or needed. This too can present an opportunity too good to miss – it is possible to sell Rolex watches and sell Cartier watches on the second hand market. If one was to sell a Rolex watch or to sell a Cartier watch, there would be a large market of interested people all looking for the prestige and desirability that comes with owning a classic piece of jewellery from such a recognised and respected brand name. It is easy and quick to sell Cartier jewellery and likewise just as easy to find a seller for those who are interested in purchasing such elegant and timeless pieces.

Many have come to appreciate the feeling that wearing such a prized piece of jewellery affords them. Buying a Rolex or Cartier watch is so much more that simply being able to tell the time – it is about the feeling of desirability, of power, of elegance and beauty all at once. It is true that looking at the watch a person wears can speak volumes about that person. By wearing a Rolex or a Cartier watch, people will know that you are someone to be desired, someone to admire and someone with style, grace and beauty.

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Credit Repair Software – How to Use It

Have you considered using credit repair software to raise your credit score? Needless to say, it’s easier to automate a task using software than to do it manually. However, there may be circumstances where this does not hold true? Let’s take a closer look and focus on credit repair.

If bad credit is a problem you can take one of two routes –
(1) fix your own credit, or
(2) refer your problem to a credit repair business.

1. Fix your own credit – if this is your choice, you’ll need to learn about the business of credit repair. Although you can find a great deal of information on the Internet as far as repairing your own credit, the task is not an easy one. Many of those who attempt it become discouraged and realize that the affordable fees that the average credit professional charges is a much better choice.

However for those who prefer self-help there is new help at hand – credit repair software. This software automates a great deal of the process, such as simulating credit scores to improve your understanding of how they are calculated, creating dispute letters, automatic tracking, negotiating with creditors and the like.

2. Seek professional help – if you have chosen not to repair your own credit, you can hire a credit repair agency. These, for a fee that’s affordable, improving your credit score little by little will take over the work of. These businesses make use of credit repair software so they can improve their efficiency.

Is the software used in a different manner in one case or the other? When a non-professional uses this type of software, he or she will rely on its automated processing minus a valid understanding of what the process is. And so the usefulness of the credit repair software is diminished.

On the other hand when a professional uses the credit repair software the have the knowledge to understand how it works and what must be done to customize it to achieve the maximum positive results. That’s why the software, when used by a professional, seems to work much better than with inexperienced individuals. The agencies utilize it to boost their efficiency – that is, as a tool; while the layman uses it to compensate for his lack of knowledge.

From our discussions so far it’s clear that the question is not actually whether using the credit repair software is a good choice; the better question is how can this software be used best. Whether at the individual or agency level, you must be knowledgeable regarding the credit repair process in order to use the software to maximum benefit. When used to complement your knowledge with speed and efficiency, the software gives you an awesome advantage; otherwise it has limited usefulness.

The credit repair sector is one business where customization is crucial – and for that reason, in the absence of adequate knowledge in applying the software, the results could prove substandard.

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How Much Protein is Enough Protein?

How much protein is enough protein for muscle building? There has been disagreement about this for the past 100 years I think. In fact, since man (or woman) first picked up a boulder, bench pressed it, and did a monster size, most muscular pose; there has been a clash between the “eat till the protein comes out of your ear” group and the “you don’t need no blanking protein to build muscle; look at a rhino” camp.

When I first started pumping iron, the two camps seemed best represented by Bill Pearl with the “you do not need a lot of protein,” and Vince Gironda who advocated some serious protein usage. Following some of what Vince suggested; I would eat nothing but steak and eggs for breakfast during football season and carbo up with a ton of spaghetti on game day. It seems crazy now.

I guess I have followed the high protein thought pretty much my whole life. When I worked out heavily, I would average a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. I would eat about 180 to 220 grams of protein a day. Those periods when I did not work out quite as much, I still consumed about a 100 grams a day. Did it work for me? Was high protein what help me put on close to 210lbs of decent muscle back a few years ago (or eight)? Maybe or maybe not; I could not definitely say because I had no benchmark to go by.

So, how much protein is enough protein? That question seems a lot like another question which asks, “How long should a man’s leg be?” An answer could be, “as long as it takes to reach the ground.” You need as much protein as it takes to build muscle, for you.

The Mayo clinic recommends that protein intake be about 10% to 35% of a 2,000 calorie diet. That amount translates to a whopping range of 50 to 175 grams of protein. That is huge range and not much help. Even among the experts, there is some question marks, or at least that is how I interpret being given such a wide range.

And no wonder, after all; you cannot understate the importance of protein to everyday living, let along muscle building. Protein is essential to human life. Your skin, bones, muscles and organ tissue all contain protein. Protein is found in your blood, hormones and enzymes, too.

You need protein. The question is again, how much do you need? Your body takes the ingested protein and breaks it down into its amino acid components for use. The body cannot store unused protein. Any unneeded amino acids are stripped of its nitrogen and stored as fat (or used as energy). The nitrogen elements are processed as waste by your kidney and liver. Not being an expert or a guru here, you may want to verify all this, but I think I am in the ballpark.

So, if you only need 100 grams but eat 180 grams, guess what, the balance of the 80 grams is either fat around the gut or pooped out. Either way, the excess causes undue stress on the body. Protein is not a good source of energy, unless you are a big cat roaming the plains of the Serengeti. Hence, there is no incentive to eat more protein than you need. Quite the contrary, you punish your body by consuming more than you need.

But understand this, after all the thousands and thousands of years, there is still no scientific basis for thinking that high protein consumption is better for building muscle. There is no scientific rationale for thinking that you need a gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight. There are none that I know of.

None other than what appears to be commonsense. If by all agreement, your average bear needs 45 to 70 grams of protein (woman and man, respectively); then would it not stand to reason that your muscle building grizzly bear would need a lot more? The red flag, though, is that a lot of supplement companies out there use this sort of reasoning to push a lot of expensive protein powders.

As for what I suggest, well, this is what I do. Being nearly 49, I just do not have the energy, or the desire to be a gym rat again. But that does not mean I am not interested in working out or being healthy. To the contrary, with two little girls, I have tremendous incentive to live a long life; long enough to see my little girls eventually have their own little girls.

I eat a balance diet with lots of veggies and fruit. And I drink about 10 to 15 cups of water a day. As a true meat eater, I probably get my daily 75 grams easy. But because I do work out about 45 minutes every other day fairly hard, I now drink about two tall glasses of milk daily. And I probably consume about 12 eggs a week, or so. All that probably bumps my protein intake up to about an average of 110 grams a day which I think works for me.

But it is all an inexact science. How do I know it works for me? Well, less than that; I get hungry and cranky. Vince Gironda used to say that protein keeps the hunger pains away and gives you the full feeling. I will buy that. I do know that if I drink any less water, I feel parched. Any less protein and I feel cranky. Is that really a true rationale for eating my 100 to 110 grams of protein, no, but it is my way of listening to my body.

And that is ultimately the key here, I think. You need to listen to your body. Your body will tell you if you are not consuming enough complex carbohydrates. Your body will tell you if you are eating too much protein (the increasing girth will be sign).

If nothing else, start with your baseline protein need of 75 grams and add 50%; then assess how you respond. How are your workouts? What are your energy levels like and how fast are you recovering? Based on those observations, either cut back or add a little more. I have talked about the 3 circles and how you should move those around; well, same thing here.

Lastly, I no longer recommend buying tons of protein powder. Instead I think you would do just as well to drink more milk (or soy) and have a few more eggs a day. These are quality sources of protein and pennies on the dollar compared to the protein powder on the market today. A quart of milk and 3 eggs will add about 56 great grams of protein to your diet. Do you need more?

Also, if you eat three balanced meals a day with about a quarter pound of meat as a part of that meal; you will probably consume about 28 to 30 grams at that seating. That gives you anywhere from 80 to 90 grams a day. Now add in the extra milk and eggs; that will put you in the 150 gram range. And guess what, you did not have to buy a super premium nitrogen enhanced, whey concentrate, and super-duper hi-test protein powder.

Take a look at this guide, Protein Levels in Food, to determine how much protein you’re getting, plus read, Losing Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

Get healthier, stronger, and build muscle with free info/advice at Loaded with free workout routines and advice from the best minds in the business, this is where you need to go for commonsense, straight shooting info.


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