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I am seeking for a value means to deliver cash from the United Kingdom to abroad. I reside in the capital but my relations are based a long distance in India and I would like to make regular transfers to an account there. The sum I require to transfer is around £20,000 each quarter. My neighbour said to me that you ought to utilise foreign currency exchange brokers as they offer way superior FX rates than high street banks. It is faster plus you can set up an account with them really quickly. I thought about utilising a transfer service such as Paypal howeve the FX rates are not as good.

Sending currency internationally, from one currency to another, ought to be as easy as ABC! Unfortunately, it may sometimes be difficult to negotiate the money transfer market. This is as there are presently so many methods of doing a currency exchange transfer – one or two are better value than others and frequently it is dependent on how much currency you wish to send. For example, if you want to transfer €20,000 to from your Sterling account, then you might like a specialist currency exchange broker service. They carry out transfers at no extra cost in a quick period of time and with excellent rates. Should you want to transfer only a couple of hundred, then utilize a specialist remit company who could undertake less large transactions.

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) was set up in 1986 as an alternative to liquidation. Over the last few years it’s become increasingly renowned as key to remedying personal money concerns mainly due to the increase in consumer liability and insolvencies in the past year. In fact, the number in use has increased steadily over the last twelve months or so, increasing by 25% each quarter. Overall, an IVA determines the way a debtor is going to pay back their creditors over a period of, usually, five years. The IVA documents an informal arrangement on controlling debt and helps to resolve personal money difficulty. Is debt help able to work for you? This is a decision that only you can make after you have completed your personal research.

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