Traveling? Pack Comfortable Walking Shoes For Your Journey

You’ve got your dream vacation plans all wrapped up. You’ve got your flight tickets and itinerary. Your bags are packed. You just can’t wait to reach your destination and start seeing all the sights there are to see. You’ve bought a book on walking tours of your chosen city. Oh, what fun it will be! You’re determined to burn the candle at both ends, as you peruse the less well known districts, on foot. Being a savvy traveler, you’re wearing a fashionable and expensive pair of comfortable boots on board your flight, to save baggage space. Hey, you’re all set!

It’s fall, so you figure that pair of boots are your go everywhere footwear. You’ve test driven them around the neighborhood and you don’t have a single blister! Thank God for fashionable, well-made, comfortable walking shoes! These will see you through almost any sightseeing excursion in style. For dressier occasions, such as dinner at a nice restaurant, your classic dress pumps will fill the bill. Off you go.

After you’re in flight for about an hour, your feet begin to swell uncomfortably, due to the altitude and cabin pressurization. Aren’t you glad you smartly chose a pair of walking shoes with zippers? There we go. You fall asleep, dreaming of hitting the ground running, so to speak.

The aircraft comes in for the landing. You wake to peruse the landscape, filled with excitement. You zip up your beautiful walking shoes, eager to begin your dream vacation. You grab your carry-on and deplane.

Wow! It’s a long walk through the terminal to customs. Ouch! Your swollen feet need a rest. You take a cab to your hotel. Ah, what a relief it is to get those shoes off and kick back. Regrouping time. A few hours sleep is all you need to recover from jet lag and then hit the streets. Where’s that walking tour book?

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